XWIN roadmap for 2017-2018

3rd quarter, 2017

  • The concept of XWIN CryptoBet;
  • XWIN Beta smart contract;
  • White Paper XWIN CryptoBet.

4th quarter, 2017

  • DAO smart contract XWIN;
  • Public placement of the XWIN tokens;
  • Bookmaker licenses and legal registration;
  • Launch of the bookmaker's site xwin.io;
    Release of beta version for the mobile applications.

1st quarter, 2018

  • XWIN smart contract with the system of fiat money reception;
  • Public release of mobile applications;
  • Artificial intelligence XWIN. Development of artificial intelligence on the basis of machine learning for the calculation of betting rates and probability of events;
  • White Paper of the betting stock exchange XWIN;
  • XWIN betting on races.

2nd quarter, 2018

  • Aggressive PR-campaign and marketing;
  • Smart contract XWIN lottery:
  • First distribution of profits among the investors;
  • Development and introduction of classical gambling games using the blockchain technology;
  • Release of the betting stock exchange XWIN.

3rd quarter, 2018

  • VIP ROOM XWIN CryptoBet. Calculation and launch of individual bets for the VIP-clients;
  • Multi wallet platform XWIN;
  • White Paper and smart contracts: DAO casino, DAO poker, DAO slot-machines;
  • Release of the betting stock exchange XWIN.

4th quarter, 2018

  • DAO chess
  • DAO casino
  • DAO poker
  • DAO slot machines

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